Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Goat Cheese with Smoked Salmon on Oatmeal Bread

Last Saturday, I picked up a tub of creamy Goat Cheese (chèvre) from Alice at the Caprikorn Farms stand. After finishing blueberries from Glade-link Farm in one sitting, Dan and I made quick and simple sandwich for lunch.
  • A slice of rye bread or wholewheat oatmeal bread from CakesForCause
  • Good smear of creamy goat cheese (chèvre)
  • A snippet of fresh dill
  • One or two slices of smoked salmon
That's it! As Shannon noted in her simple but oh-so-delicious strawberry-chèvre-ciabatta sandwich, these take no time to make and they taste so wonderful. I also made goat cheese stuffed squash blossom following Alice's recipe card. Stay tuned for the recipe and photos!

* Note: I used dill from my herb garden. If you don't have your own herb pots or garden, Jubilee Organic Farm usually brings fresh cut dill to the market. Also, many vendors sell herb plants and you can start your own herb/kitchen garden using their seedlings. In many dishes, you just need a little bit of fresh herb, and it is so handy to have fresh herb plants sitting in your window sill/porch/backyard garden.

*Note 2: I am going to add some cucumber next time I make this sandwich. Mmm... is somebody drooling?


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