Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Farmer Rick has apples and potatoes

From Rick Hood's email to his Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) members this week at Summer Creek Farm. Maybe he'll bring some to the farmer's market...

Just a quick note. This week you will be getting fingerling potatoes in your box. They are great roasted, just rinse, slice in wedges, put on a cookie sheet, coat with Olive oil and broil till crisp. You can mince garlic in the oil for extra flavor.

Some will also receive apples. They are yellow transparent apples.They are the earliest apples of the season. These apples are very tart and make very good applesauce. The apples came from another farm we have. This farm is in the certification program but not fully certified yet so the apples are not technically organic. They have no spray on them.


Farmer Rick

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