Thursday, July 17, 2008

Garden bounty

Sigh. My gorgeous tomatoes have blossom end rot. Is there hope? I'll have to go to Dutch Plant Farm this Saturday for the antidote (calcium/magnesium?). They also have a great product there that repels rabbits. It works- the stuff saved my greens. On a related note, it smells like barf (main ingredient: "putrescent egg solids") and you don't want to get it on your shoes. It's also expensive. Other than that, it's great.

Today I harvested three jalapeƱos, three cayenne peppers, two black bell peppers (small) and a pint of cherry tomatoes. The tomatillos are coming along and I hope to start harvesting them in a week or two.

I am volunteering at the Cakes for Cause booth again this weekend at the Farmer's Market. I plan to make crackers again for the market. They didn't sell a whole lot last week but they are really good and I believe in them. This week I'll put more seeds and things on them. My ulterior motive is that I will take home what I do not sell. They are made with semolina and wheat flours, plus good olive oil. I am really into them and they are fun to roll out in my pasta maker. If we decide after this week not to sell them again, maybe I'll post the recipe...


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