Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Harvesting giant squashes

We all heard about the stories of squashes showing up at a door step, a gift from your friendly gardener neighbor. Well, if you are one of my friends who live close to me, you might have giant squashes show up at your door. I know, this shouldn't happen till late summer and it's only July and I am promoting squash recipes now in the blog. And I could make squash bread, squash frittata, miso soup with squash, etc. and fill this blog with more recipes on squashes. But wouldn't it be fun to have a squash show up at your door?

I forgot about them only for a few days. I have been making beer-batter fried squashes/stuffed blossoms so I thought things were under control. I had no clue these giants were growing under the squash jungle. Well, the orange one is an exception. That one is my first squash and I intentionally let it go so that I can
  1. figure out what kind of squash I have (these squash plants are volunteers from my previous compost file)
  2. collect the seeds if I liked the squash.
I still don't know what kind of squash it is, but it is quite tasty. I am going to collect the seeds, grow them again next year, and give the seeds out to friends who might be interested.

Let me see if anybody at craft night wants to take them home tonight. Otherwise, a few chosen neighbors might receive an unsolicited gift of organically home-grown goodies. You know, just for fun.


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smoo said...

I LOVE this picture!