Saturday, July 12, 2008

Back from the market and feeling good

I had a great time volunteering at the Cakes for Cause booth today at the farmer's market. As always, the scones were a huge hit. We had coconut (new), ginger lemon (my fave), cheddar chive, and sour cherry. The volunteers were Jeanine, Yeon, Klu, Dan and myself. Yeon and I also made artisanal flatbread (aka crackers) and sold 10 of the 12 packages we had made. Since Elin the baker mastermind was out of town, we didn't have the croissants, cinnamon rolls, or oatmeal bread they normally have at the booth. This was the subject of great consternation by the booth's regular patrons. Have no fear, Elin will be back next week! She will appreciate hearing the rabid following she has gotten, especially for the cinnamon rolls, which she always makes the morning of the farmer's market.

I did not keep good track of my money, but here is what I got today:
  • Cup of lemonade, coconut scone, bread crumbs, and a pack of flatbread from Cakes for Cause. (the bread crumbs are great for breaded fish fillets, stuffed tomatoes, crab cake filler, and zucchini au gratin casserole);
  • Bunches of red sorrel and red celery, plus three dog biscuits and two jalapeño peppers from Chesapeake's Choice;
  • A pound of bacon and a baked ham sandwich from Rohrer's (I started eating it before I even finished paying for it);
  • Jalapeño cheddar cheese from Caprikorn farms (I made mini pizzas with this on the flatbread this evening);
  • A quart of fingerling potatoes from Summer Creek Farm (I also got on Rick's mailing list for his CSA so I can share what he has fresh each week);
  • A pint of apricots (if you read this blog, you know I am addicted) and a pint of red raspberries from Scenic View.
  • I ate some Glade Link Farm blueberries from Jeanine's bag because I didn't get enough of them picking last weekend.
I saw some people carrying peaches from Scenic View. YUM! They are my next obsession after I finish the run of apricots. No jokes about my digestive system, please. It is fine. It loves fruit.


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