Monday, July 7, 2008

Blueberry Picking at Glade-Link Farms: Legendary!

Yeon and I went to Glade-Link Farms this weekend to pick blueberries. The picture below shows row upon row of blueberry bushes. The weather was overcast and a little dreary (it rained as we were leaving) but somehow this seemed like perfect berry picking weather. We weighed our containers and then went into the fields to pick. The ecological restoration and monarch butterfly people in the crowd will be happy to learn that the blueberry fields are chock-full of milkweed. I meant to ask why, but I forgot. Some other pickers told me it was for pollenation of the blueberry plants.The blueberries this year are amazing- prolific, huge, and delicious. Some of the blueberries we picked were an inch in diameter. It's amazing how many blueberries were on each branch. They were stuffed with them. And speaking of being stuffed, I looked over at Yeon several times and saw her munching away. Yeon has conveniently eliminated all of the pictures of herself so you can't see it. but you can imagine it. We probably picked for 15 minutes and filled up most of our containers. I filled up a quart container and paid $5.03. All of my berries came from a single bush. It was awesome. The nice ladies below gave us permission to take their pictures at the weigh-in. I told them we were going to post them on our blog. Pay attention to the lady on the right because you are about to see the back of her car.This is what $106 worth of blueberries looks like. Enough to fill up the trunk of a car. Notice the banana. This woman and her family love fruit. I asked them what they were going to do with all the blueberries and they said, "Freeze them." Blueberries do freeze well. They are also great in smoothies- put frozen berries into a blender with yogurt, a banana and a little soy milk. Blend. Sweeten to taste. Moving on from the Blueberrymobile, we have some more happy customers. Glade-Link also sells sunflowers at the register. The three rectangular bins are Yeon's, and there is a round one behind it that is mine. Yeon's afraid she did not get enough blueberries. Me too! I gave some of mine to my friend Amy, used some to make a blueberry sauce (1/2 c water, 4 c blueberries, 1/2 cup sugar, and 1/2 tsp orange zest cooked at medium heat until berries are cooked into a chunky sauce) and hardly have any left for eating!Why not head on over to the blueberry fields for some fun picking? And remember not to wear anything that you will mind staining blue. Like my tan pants.

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Yeon said...

I haven't done anything to blueberries except eating them fresh, and I am already half way down.

The blueberry syrup sounds good! I could use it for pancakes, ice cream, yogurt, granola etc!