Monday, July 21, 2008

Flowers for the market: June 21

Week of June 21: Hydrangea is blooming everywhere.
Jen brought me five stems of pale blue hydrangea flowers from her sister's garden. I also got two stems of purple hydrangea and four stems of astilbe from Lynda's garden. I added snapdragon flowers and hosta leaves from my garden. The green vase takes big volume of flowers to fill up and thus I get to use it rarely. I was happy to have abundance of flowers that hugged the vase nicely.

When I was on a ferry to Vancouver Island many summers ago, I bought a book called "Gardening for the faint of heart" by Robin Wheeler. She was such a big fan of astilbes and I never understood. It's funny that your taste for plants changes as time goes. Now whenever I filp though a perennial plants catalog, I ponder on what color of astilebe I should get. I know. So many plants you want for the little space you have.


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