Monday, July 21, 2008

Flowers for the market: June 14

Another flowerless week in my backyard. All the flowers are from friends' gardens except the golden oregano.
Jeanine was busy pulling out weeds in her garden When I visited her. Her garden went through such a transformation. When she bought her house, her yard was completely covered with weeds. Now, she has nice flower beds on both sides of the yard. A rock garden toward the back raises the view and big rhododendrons provide dependable green backdrop near the gate. She also spent last summer laying red-brick path in her yard. Her patio got extended with the same bricks, and a curvy red-brick path leads you into the long rectangular garden. I love her garden. Did I say I love visiting other gardener's garden? I really do.
From Jeanine's garden I got yellow flowers
  • gerbera daisy
  • coreopsis
I also visited Lynda's front yard. Her shasta daisy was blooming so I got a couple of stems. On my way back, I picked up a stem of queen Anne's lace which was blooming on the sidewalk.

Jen's white lily was the heart of the arrangement. In the photo you can see that there are 4 open lily blossoms and 3 still budding. All these flowers are from one stem. Amazing.

I was never crazy about yellow flowers. I always had limited space to grow flowers, and most of the vegetable flowers are yellow anyway and thus the preference was given to pink or blue or violet flowers. This year yellow is growing on me. I even have an area planned for yellow flowers next year. For me, yellow is in.


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