Friday, July 11, 2008

From Danny Rohrer, aka "Meat Man:

I did not get a mailing to Frederick this week. Here is a section of what went to Shepherdstown.

I realize that I haven't been writing much lately but here is something I have been wanting to tell you for some time. It falls under the category of sad, but true. The Farm bill expired last September and Congress kept passing extensions while their tried to write new legislation. Both houses finally agreed on new legislation on May 15, the day the last extension expired. The bill was something like 940 pages that was to have been sent to the White House. The President vetoed the bill and the House of Representatives quickly overrode the veto. About this time someone discovered that only about 900 pages of the bill was sent to the President, one entire title was missing! No one knew what to do. Do they have to start over? They finally decided that the Senate should override the portion that was sent to the President and that would become law. They would start over with the missing title and address it as supplemental legislation.

It has been some time since I have studied parliamentary procedure. But it seems to me that since the bill that was vetoed and then overridden was never voted on by Congress that it can not become law. But then, I'm just a poor, dumb farmer. Our highly paid elected officials and their hundreds of aids surely know better than me.


Pat said...

Hi Danny--I have a new email but lack access to my old contacts, including you!

This is Pat Noone, attender of the Greenbelt Farmer's Market. If you get this message, could I place an order for SUnday, June 13? 2 packages of bacon and a sirloin steak? If not, I'll update my email when I come.

smoo said...

Pat- Danny sends me emails that I post on this site. To reach him directly, his email is