Thursday, July 3, 2008

Gardener's log 070308

This week I am planning to host a 4th of July event at my new place. I invited all of my friends and family, figuring that I am suffering from a slump in popularity due to a recent hiatus from hanging out with anyone (due to a horrible bout with asthma); however, almost everyone that I invited is planning to come. This is great news! It also means that I have to clean everything inside and outside of my house. If you have read any of my previous posts, you have already noted that this is not my forte.

Yesterday was weedpullingpalooza. The pigweed had to go, as its spines bit at me every day I walked by them on the path. My wheelbarrow is now heaping full of those evil vermicious things. But my garden is not. I also tore out massive clumps of bindweed yesterday. It was only semi-satisfying, as the stuff broke off at the ground surface and its roots gave me the raspberry. Just wait until it rains, and I'll get you. According to this source, bindweed's "cosmopolitan presence in many temperate climates has earned it 84 names in 29 different languages—most of those names are not kind." I was thinking of one yesterday- strangleweed. Can you come up with a better name? Leave me a comment. Needless to say, my old place had other weeds, but not these weeds, and I miss them. Wild strawberries are cake compared to this. If only I had known how lucky I was then...


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