Sunday, April 24, 2011

Seedling Sale at House in the Woods

I love to buy seedlings from House in the Woods. They have a great variety of heirloom tomatoes. They also sell their tomatoes later in the season at the Common Market.


The House in the Woods Seedling Sale is approaching--May 6-7--organic heirloom plants for your garden. We feature beautiful heirloom tomato plants, and we've got some new ones to share with you, along with old favorites. I should have plenty of basil plants and some other plants to offer as well.

Sale Hours --- Use our NEW FARM LANE, open on Sale Day only
Friday May 6th, 10am-5pm
Saturday May 7th, 10am-5pm

***USE OUR NEW FARM LANE ON SALE DAY, on PARK MILLS ROAD*** for GPS purposes but there is no mailbox: 2225 Park Mills Rd, Adamstown, MD.
Take 270 to Rte 80 West, go two miles, take a left on Park Mills Road, go about three miles, pass Mt Ephraim Rd and Bear Branch Road. Watch on your left side--you will cross over Bennett Creek, pass a house, then immediately look for our new farm lane with a big "House in the Woods" billboard on sale day. Drive up the lane and follow signs for parking. Gone too far if you get to Lilypons Road.

Our tomato plants are now also available at The Common Market ( We may have more plants available later in May as well.
Contact: or 301-607-4048

House in the Woods Farm 2011 Organic Heirloom Plant Sale

$4.50 per tomato plant. Ask about other plants for sale. Bring a box for your plants. Return pots to our mailbox, we'll re-use them!

May 6/7, 2011. More 301-607-4048

REDS AND PINKS, PURPLES AND BLACKS (ie black heirlooms are dark
____ Black Krim--Dark red beefsteak with rich sweet taste from Black Sea of Russia
____ Brandywine--Pinkish red, most popular heirloom originated in 1889.
____ Cherokee Purple—A favorite, from Tennessee cultivated by the Cherokee Tribe. Plants loaded with beefsteak tomatoes. Deep red interior flesh, rich, complex flavor.
____ Rutgers-- From 1934 "the Jersey tomato", red tomatoes great taste for fresh slicing or cooking.
____ Cosmonaut Volkov-- From the Ukraine named for the famous Russian cosmonaut. Red slightly flattened fruit with good acid-sweetness balance.
____ Black Prince-- From Siberia, one of the most popular black tomatoes. Rich taste for cooking or fresh. Smaller fruit.

UNIQUE COLORS-------------------------------------
____ Old German/Pineapple—a mild sweet fruity tomato, with red-yellow streaks to skin and flesh. Low acid, as are most yellow, orange and green tomatoes.
____ Green Zebra--A magic tomato, green with dark green stripes, skin blushes yellow when ripe. Green salsa or even green sauce! A hit for contrast on a potluck platter. Also have some Cherokee Green.
____ Valencia-- Beautiful round bright orange tomato—mild, fruity sweet that might remind you of a Valencia orange. From Maine.
____ Garden Peach--Yellow blushing pink, fruity sweet and juicy, with a slightly fuzzy skin. Just like a peach! Cute little 2 inch tomatoes.

PASTES for cooking and saucing------------------------------------------------
____ Speckled Roma--Paste tomato, Red with a hint of orange and wavy yellow streaks, a beauty! And sweet, you'll want to cut some for the salad too.
____ Orange Banana --another unique paste, this one is orange! Plum-shaped orange paste with pointed ends and a good sweet-tart flavor. An all-purpose plum tomato with good disease resistance.
____ Amish Paste--reliable traditional red roma with thick skin and less juice, ideal for cooking and canning, but sweet enough to eat fresh.
____ Heinz-- Red plum tomato 2 oz firm fruit ideal for cooking.

CHERRY TOMATOES------------------------------------------------
____ Matt's Wild Cherry--Mini red wild cherry tomatoes, prolific. Cute little stems with six bite-size tomatoes on each. Kids love 'em!
____ Sungold Cherry--Orange, super sweet mini tomato. A rare exception to our heirloom rule in our tomato collection, this hybrid is worth it. Our CSA members eat them all up on the car-ride home.

PERENNIAL HERBS----------------------------------------------------
Chamomile—beautiful little daisy-like flowers, dry them for tea
Sweet Basil and Thai Basil—great culinary herbs for any herb garden.

We'll also have four kinds of pepper plants and three kinds of eggplants. And we're selling used sturdy tomato cages at a great price.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Fresh this Week from Rohrer's Meats

Greetings from the farm. I hope you remembered that I am taking this week off and that my next visit to Frederick will be Saturday April 23 when I will be delivering your Easter orders. I need to have your lamb orders by Sunday night since lambs will be going in on Monday. Legs of lamb can be butterflied, boned and rolled, or bone in. All other cuts of lamb will be available as well. You can also order either fresh, smoked, or country cured hams. If beef is your meat of choice, I can supply that as well. I will also have my complete product line that day. Please note that on April 23 I will be located in the regular market location, behind the Potomac Physicians Building. Hours will remain 10 AM until 12 Noon. Don't forget to place your orders and I will see you April 23. Danny Rohrer's Meats 301-432-8350