Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cakes for Cause: Not-Your-Gramma’s Banana Cake!

We don’t want all the Grandmothers out there to get up in arms, but we’re afraid we’ve beaten their down-home cooking this week.  Come by the booth on Saturday and try our newest product: Not-Your-Gramma’s Banana Cake.  We can’t tell you our secret but there is a touch of an ingredient that you’ll never guess and makes a nice, rich-but-not-too-heavy treat! 

Middletown Farmer’s Market
Thursdays 3-6 on Alternate Route 40 and Route 17 in Middletown

West Frederick Farmer’s Market
Saturdays 10-1:00 on Baughman’s Lane behind the Motel 6 on Route 40 in Frederick

Jalousie, Jalousie, oh how we love you…
This is our Program Director’s favorite new word and its popularity designates that it gets its very own section!  Just say,  “ja-loo-see” this Saturday and you’ll receive this braided, croissant puff filled with chocolate hazelnut—and it is a MUST-HAVE.  We hyped it up last week and sold out in minutes, so ask for it again this weekend!  WE PROMISE, we’ve made more.  But if you desperately want one of these delectables, you should hit reply now and ask for us to set it aside for you.  (but you better show up or we’ll be forced to eat it ourselves!)
Summer Festival this weekend at the West Frederick Market!
Let’s help Frederick County celebrate the arrival of summer vegetables and fruits such as corns, tomatoes and blueberries! Chef Bryan Voltaggio will be back for his second Chef's Challenge (last time he used our scones for a meltingly delicious dessert—what will he use this week?!). The "Passport to Freshness" raffle makes a return (win a Cakes for Cause tote stuffed with fresh market products!) and KEY103 will be broadcasting live at the market from 10am to 12pm.  You know you’ve always wanted your 15 minutes of fame—this weekend’s your chance.  Hope to see you there!

Construction Progress Continues… slowly but surely…
We know you’re all dying for your dose of Cakes for Cause/Moxie Bakery & Café on a weekly—no!... DAILY, basis.  Take a peek in the windows, if you happen to be on the North End of Market Street (629 N Market) and see how the Bernard Brown Community Center is coming along (look for our banner!) and keep your fingers crossed for an opening in the next 3 months!

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