Thursday, July 9, 2009

Strawberry Crepe with Black Raspberry Jam Topping

I don't know why but I love cooking black raspberries. I will buy these beautiful berries at the market, maybe eat a few fresh, and then the rest of them go to a pot with sugar and then get cooked. I don't even measure how much sugar I put in. Just enough sugar to cover the berries in the pot.  I like my jam slightly syrupy with not too much sweetness. 
I am not a huge jam person, so a small quarter pint of jam  lasts for a while kept in a refrigerator. I love eating a toast with a smear of home-made black raspberry jam though.  The jam makes excellent cookie filling. You can put a spoonful on top of your vanilla ice cream and instantaneously transform it to black raspberry ice cream.
One saturday morning we had a bit of beaten egg left (after making Dan's fabulous French toast), so I made crepes following this recipe, and then topped with the black raspberry jam. Yum. Maybe I need to make more black raspberry jam. This time I will do canning so that I can enjoy the flavor in the middle of winter.



Chelsea said...

If you don't want to can, and/or prefer to use less sugar, you can always make freezer jam. Ball now even makes plastic freezer containers for just that purpose.

Of course, there is a certain charm in doing things the old-fashioned way ;)

smoo said...

Looking at this makes me want to go home and make crepes.

Yeon said...

Chelsea - great idea! I do freeze quite a bit. I froze many different fruits and vegetables last summer and even a half dozen jars of pesto. But somehow, didn't think about freezing jam!

Smoo - did you go home and make some crepes? I think I need to make my batter a bit thinner so that it spreads better. I want to make savory crepe next time. A farmer's market in San Diego has an awesome vendor who makes incredible crepes. I will have to dig up my photo library and see if I can find the photos.

smoo said...

Yeon- I have a great crepe recipe if you want one. But I did not make any.

Yeon said...

Shannon - yes, I want the recipe! I am in the mood for crepes!

Chelsea- I made another batch of black raspberry jam. This time seedless, and more syrupy. It's less than half pint but I am going to eat a bit and freeze the rest. Thanks for the idea!