Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Reporting back from Buy Local Challenge Week

April from 1000 Pizza Doughs has a great post up about what she put together for Buy Local Challenge Week. It's fun to see what deliciousness was had (picture from 1000 Pizza Doughs- I love it because it looks like one of those 60's recipe cards).

One of the dishes made was this lovely Caprese salad made with local tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and basil leaves drizzled with olive oil, sea salt, and pepper.

Sometimes when I make this salad I also throw on a little balsamic vinegar for tartness and depth of flavor. Caprese salad is one of those treats that is only good in the summer with garden fresh tomatoes.

I also love a good Caprese sub- the same thing with a little vinaigrette on a sub roll.

Today I made a pizza Margherita, which is Caprese pizza: Slabs of heirloom tomato and fresh mozzarella with basil and a little bit of olive oil. The tomatoes pictured are from my garden and were rescued from incomplete predation so they have parts cut off. Parts that were maimed by squirrels/rabbits/crows/bugs/etc. Anyway they were still pretty and quite delicious. My friend Rick joined me for dinner, and I was able to give him a bag of tomatoes as a little present.

(And speaking of pizza, I would be remiss if I did not mention the slice of farmer's market pizza that my friend Jen brought me the other day. It had sausage from Danny Rohrer and Italian goat cheddar from Caprikorn Farms. Jen makes her own sourdough starter and uses it for everything. YUM!)


April F. said...

Ha! Yes, I did the '60s recipe card thing on purpose (OK, not really... just need to take photography 101, and possibly stop using my BlackBerry to take photos of food). I do love my '70s red and orange dishes though.

Thanks for the re-post. Tonight is gazpacho night, if Farmer Rick comes through with enough tomatoes.


smoo said...

Oh all of my pictures on here are taken with my cel phone. Yeon's husband Dan takes gorgeous shots of their food. I am just not at that level and I hope people enjoy my posts for the writing.

Yeah Rick has had a rough time this summer with the weather and his tomatoes. Good luck!