Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cakes for Cause: Because Some Of Us Watch Too Many Horror Movies…

We got ourselves on a theme this week and we just couldn’t stop…that’s just how we roll sometimes. Check out Cakes for Cause at one of our weekly farmer’s markets on Thursday or Saturday and slap us upside the head to make it stop!

Middletown Farmer’s Market
Thursdays 3-6 on Old Route 40 and Route 17 in Middletown

West Frederick Farmer’s Market
Saturdays 10-1 on Baughman’s Lane behind Motel 6 on Route 40 in Frederick

Because we love our MOTHER! (think “Psycho,” only tastier!)
On a tired, Friday afternoon, 3 people gathered in a hot kitchen in a small town in Maryland vowing to begin a journey together. It was a destination they sought before but the perilous nature of it got the best of them. It takes precision, devotion and patience but this time they will succeed! Join us at Cakes for Cause while we begin our Bread Journey together. We’re creating a mother (sourdough starter, that is…). Our mother is simmering and stirring and we are giving her constant devotion. Will she live? Will she shrivel and die from negligence? Check back for more on this suspenseful drama… If we're successful, that means a whole new type of artisanal quality bread from Cakes for Cause. In the interim, have you had a chance to try our whole wheat sandwich bread yet? We're using bran from our own ground wheat and it's delicious toasted. Available at both our market locations.

Cool, Frosty Iced Tea (& Arsenic? Just kidding!)
In the horror theme of this week’s email, we will NOT have arsenic in our tea. But we will make it tasty and fresh-brewed. If you smile and say please, maybe we’ll make you an Arnold Palmer (half tea, half lemonade).

Become a stalker tonight!
Go ahead and take a walk tonight after dinner and peer in the windows at 629 North Market Street. Our new home will open (hopefully) by the end of September. The builders took the fence down, so it’s legal to rub your noses on the windows now! The café is coming right along and you should keep a look out for new equipment and black & white, checkered floors in the kitchen.

Keeping you on the edge of your seat…
We have a way for you to have your own little piece of our social enterprise Moxie Bakery & Cafe. Tune in next week for the thrilling preview!

The Mission of Cakes for Cause is to empower vulnerable youth and develop social enterprises that engage the community in cultivating meaningful employment and educational opportunities to teach work and life skills. In Frederick, Cakes for Cause will open a bakery/café in mid-August that trains youth in the hospitality industry.

Cakes for Cause

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