Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The secret is out!

It couldn't have happened to a better man. Chef Bryan of Volt Restaurant is going to be on Top Chef 6, Las Vegas. I am really proud that this guy made it; not only is he a great chef, he's an advocate for local, sustainable and organic who walks the walk. Bryan has worked hard to build relationships with local producers; this really shows in his exquisite dishes that showcase farm fresh food.

Chef Bryan is going to be doing the Chef's Challenge at the Summer Festival this Saturday at the West Frederick Farmer's Market. Here is a link to the first Chef's Challenge he did with us, where he made lamb loin and strawberry shortcake on a camp stove. And here is a link to the interview we did with him for this blog about local food.

More info about the Summer Festival at

Images are from the Volt website.


Yeon said...

This is so exciting!! I found out from a twit and was checking top chef website!! Even his bio there talks about using local, organic, sustainable ingredients!! Yay!!

Chelsea said...

How cool is this?!?! And - I just read his brother is competing as well...