Friday, July 3, 2009

Cakes for Cause: Can’t Beat Chocolate and Hazelnut

Croissants get crazy (and more delicious)!

So, we found ourselves with some extra croissant dough this weekend (don’t ask how that happens) and happened to have some chocolate hazelnut spread…you know, the stuff you shouldn’t really eat on toast but you do anyway. Well, we rolled it up into our newest Danish shape and baked it off and…you have no idea what’s in store for you this weekend! It’s the 4th of July weekend and with two markets in one week, it’s a double billing for Cakes for Cause products. In Middletown, we’ll bring an array of delicious cookies, cheddar biscuits, and some new breads we’re experimenting with. Frederick’s market will have our usual wide selection of scones and cookies, croissants, breads, and the aforementioned jalousie (the new Danish). Jalousie are named for the architectural element…the jalousie window. It’s a long, thin pastry filled with goodness peeking out from behind our yummy all-butter croissant. If you missed it last week filled with apricot preserves, you definitely don’t want to miss it this week filled with chocolate hazelnut cream!

Middletown Farmer’s Market
Thursdays 3-6 on Old Route 40 and Route 17 in Middletown

West Frederick Farmer’s Market
Saturdays 10-1:00 on Baughman’s Lane behind the Motel 6 on Route 40 in Frederick

Both of these markets are producers-only markets and bring the best in local produce to your community. Your support of Cakes for Cause at these markets helps us to develop our quality programs for youth who have aged out of the foster care system. We hope we’ll see you there!

Help Us Make a Difference

This is our third month to donate a portion of our proceeds to another local non-profit. It’s been a challenging summer for many smaller community service organizations so each month on the first Saturday, Cakes for Cause donates 5% of our total proceeds to another organization that provides human services in our community. On July 4th we will donate a portion of our proceeds to CALM, The Frederick Community Mediation and Conflict Resolution Center. CALM is a non-profit community service organization that provides affordable and accessible conflict resolution services to Frederick residents. CALM encourages peaceful resolution of conflicts through the use of mediation. They offer mediation in the following areas: business, community, and all family issues including parent/teen, divorce, eldercare, and school. CALM also offers facilitation, community conferencing, trainings, and presentations.

Need a Little Buzz?

We keep forgetting to remind you that we’re now carrying Dublin Roasters Coffees at the Farmer’s Markets. If you haven’t tried some of their blends, you’re definitely missing out. Dublin Roasters Coffee is a women-owned, local roaster and we get a contact buzz just by opening up the display box. We carry several varieties so if you’re in need of your own coffee high, stop by our booth and pick up either a half or full pound of deliciousness!

Cakes for Cause

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smoo said...

Apparently the hazelnut/chocolate croissants went like hotcakes. I saw a very sad Yeon after she asked for one and they were gone.