Friday, July 24, 2009

Shall we watch Food Inc?

Dale told me about this movie on May 30, during our Strawberry Festival at West Frederick farmer's market. Food Inc. has come to conversations with our friends often ever since. Enough just talking about it - I feel it is time to go watch the movie.
Rose of Whitmore Farm at the Everedy Square farmer's market let me know that the movie will be played at Gettysburg, PA: Majestic on August 7. This will be a nice trip to Gettysburg and watch the so-much-talked-about movie. Also googling leads me to this page that shows all the movie theaters that are playing Food Inc. As Chelsea and SixGables commented on Shannon's posting, Shepherdstown, WV: Opera House Theatre is playing the movie. Other close-by locations include Baltimore, MD: Charles Theatre, Bethesda, MD: Bethesda Row Cinema, and Washington, DC: E Street Cinema.
It would be nice to see the movie here in downtown Frederick. I sent out an inquiry email last night regarding this - will keep you updated if I get a reply.


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smoo said...

Hey Yeon- I won't be around on the 7th but have some time free this Sunday if you would like to go.