Monday, July 13, 2009


Last year I went out of town when my squash plants were under attack by squash bugs. I am going out of town tomorrow and my green zucchini plant is under attack by squash bugs again. That poor plant is so stressed out even though I did my best to catch all the bugs, trim out the leaves infested by the eggs, and even water the plant's root area. I am worried that when I come back from the trip, the plant might have lost the battle.
On sunday evening I watered my tomato plants too. The soil was getting pretty dry, I saw a tomato fruit showing blossom end rot, and thus decide to water them. This was the first time I watered tomato plants this year - it seems we are getting into a dry period and thus occasional watering would help. 

I will miss Frederick farmer's markets on Thursday and Saturday this week. While away, I plan to visit farmer's markets in my destination area. It won't be the same without talking to familiar faces and running into friends at the market, but will be fun to see how their local farmer's markets are doing. Hopefully I will come back with some photos and stories to share.


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