Friday, July 17, 2009

Notes from the Summer Festival

Sometimes you take pictures and sometimes you write and sometimes you just do things. By the time we were done with the West Frederick Farmer's Market Summer Festival on July 11, I was so tired that Yeon took pity just looking at me. I think it went over well- at one point I was painting faces, Bryan was cooking with a big crowd around him. Key 103 was broadcasting, and the bagpipes started playing in the next aisle. Yeon also had the drawing going and so we had quite the day. I painted about ten butterflies on kids' faces but my favorite face of the day was R2D2. Luckily the kid who got the R2D2 had it on his shirt, so it was pretty easy to copy. Even so it only kind of looked like the little droid. Nevertheless, the kid's mom said later that he would not let her wash it off and this made me very proud.

Bryan Voltaggio apparently made an amazing meal for the Chef's Challenge. The only thing I saw of it was frozen yogurt that he made somehow with liquid nitrogen. Luckily Hilda posted a bunch of pictures from the chef's challenge up at the Volt blog.

Yeon and I agreed that it will be a lot more fun for us in the future if we do one thing at a time. That way I can help more with the Chef's Challenge and learn a few tips for cooking on a camp stove with a gourmet chef!

This Saturday starts the Buy Local Challenge, so prepare to eat something local every day for the next week! It's a perfect time in the summer to do it.


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