Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dinner Party with Billy and Tracey

My friends Billy and Tracey invited a few of us over for dinner. People brought friends, and we were sprawled out all over the living and dining rooms. Their house is done with great 60's vintage stuff. Especially the dining room.

Billy plated everyone's dinner on some vintage ware and said, "I made all of this from local food except for, what did we decide, Shannon? The mushrooms. The potatoes are local. The haricot verts are local. The pork loin is local. The lardons (bacon chunks) and onion are local."

And then Billy told me, "So you can put it on your blog thingie." And I said, "well I should take pictures, then."

Are you getting tired of my thumb in all of the pictures? I can't compose a shot with my cel phone. And the light of the range hood is eerie. Anyway, dinner was really delicious.

I asked Billy where he got the pork loin, and he got it from Trout's.

My friend Jackie and I made a peach berry cake to take to the party too, but we spent too much time in the pool today and overcooked it. People tried to eat it anyway and I overheard one guy choking on it. Not our best work. But we did make it out of local peaches and blueberries.

Hope you are having a great weekend.


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Omar said...

You make me hungry. Again. :)