Thursday, August 6, 2009

More showings for Food Inc.

This is a follow-up posting to "Shall we watch Food Inc?"

Will and Rose of Whitmore Farm let me know today that Majestic will play Food Inc. at 7 pm on Friday August 7, and also 4 pm and 7 pm on Saturday August 8. They are going to show the movie till Thursady August 13. Dan and I were originally going to see the movie on Friday but now that we have choices, we might opt for Saturday option. If the weather is nice, maybe we could explore attractions around Gettysburg and then see the movie.

I was also told that Cinemarts in downtown Frederick might be considering to show Food Inc, but never received a confirmation. You can send email to their request line and let them know that you are interested in seeing the movie in downtown Frederick.

If you already saw the movie and want to share your thoughts, please leave comments.



cariegrls said...

Thanks for the info on Food Inc. I've been wanting to see it but didn't want to travel all the way down to DC.

Shannon and Yeon - I saw your writeup in the Frederick Gazette - this is a great blog! Congratulations. How can I subscribe to the blog? And are you on Twitter?

Yeon said...

Carie: Dan and I went to Gettysburg last night to see the movie. If you have been following food industry vs. local food scene, a lot of information might not be new to you. However, I felt it was nice to hear all the points and discussion in a well-presented format. There are some sad scenes too. It was emotionally involving for me.

And thank you. It was Shannon who did the interview for the article. This is our feed link: At the very bottom of blog page, you will see the link.
Shannon and I both have personal twitter accounts, and I twit for Frederick Farmer's Markets and Shannon maintains facebook for West Frederick Farmer's Market.

smoo said...

Yeon also maintains She is a busy lady.