Saturday, August 22, 2009

Flowers for the Market

It has been an exciting summer as far as growing flowers go. The sunflower seed packets that Shannon and I bought this spring brought me lots of Sunflowers. This red sunflower being most productive and also attractive to goldfinch. I think I picked up Coreopsis from Thistle Rock Nursery stand this spring. Those dainty blossoms really contrasts well with sun flowers in size and color. [July 11, 09]

First blooms of Lisianthus, Celosia, Liatris, Irish bell, obedient flowers accompanied by zinnia and white yarrow flowers. The flowers are greeting shoppers at Cakes for Cause booth at the farmer's market. [July 25, 09]

Yellow to orange flowers: perennial sunflower, cosmos, yellow yarrow, zinnia and dahlia. [August 1, 09]

Irish bells really going strong this week. Garlic chives are blooming and society garlic is blooming again (I love this one. Got it from Wendy this spring). Purple salvia, obedient flowers, white snapdragon, geranium leaf and of course zinnia flowers accompanied by yummy baked good neighbors at the farmer's market stand. [August 15, 2009]

I am not sure what I would do once fall arrives and summer flowers in my garden start to fade away. I wonder if I could start some quick annual flowers that like cool weather. As far as perennial goes, I have a few mums that I could temporarily pot up and bring it on some Saturdays. I could gather some nice fall color branches or berries too. I can't believe I am already thinking about fall. Time flies.



smoo said...

Yeon these pictures are gorgeous!!

April F. said...

Wow - amazing photos!

Chelsea said...

Yeon - I love your flower arrangements. Coreopsis - tickseed, right? I adore it.

In the autumn I make bouquets with the dried flowers and grasses (and weeds too!); the best part is that the need no water ;) There's always something for decorating - pretty leaves and branches; I'm sure you'll have a lovely fall/winter landscape to choose from.

Yeon said...

Shannon and April: Thank you. :)

Chelsea: Is it called tickseed? I didn't have name tag with it. I love this variety. I had pink version of this one year but somehow didn't come back the next year... I am hoping this one will overwinter well.

The challenge will be to think out of box and use what is abundant in the fall... and venture outside of my garden.

smoo said...

It's called tickseed or threadleaf coreopsis.