Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dinner at Shannon's

Shannon already had prep going when I arrived at her kitchen. A mound of purslane from her sidewalk was covered by chopped tomatoes from her garden. She modified the recipe a little bit as she described, and I think roasted pepper really made the difference.

Leek and garlic scapes were sauteed, rice soaked in hot water was added, and all the other chopped vegetables went in.

It was really yummy! By the time the dish was ready, Jerica with baby Oliver and Jackie had joined us. I ate what remained after the first serving. I sort of asked, does anybody want seconds? but not really, and went ahead to finish what was left over.

With butternut squash from the farmer's market, Shannon also made a dessert. Quarter pint of Caramel Apple Butter from Rohrer's, 4 TBS of butter, coarsely chopped about 3/4 cup of walnut and sprinkle of light brown sugar were all she needed to create this gorgeous butternut squash dish.

Shannon cooked. Yeon ate and photographed. Jerica, Oliver and Jackie entertained. We had fun.


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smoo said...

Yeon chopped and chopped. So modest.