Friday, August 14, 2009

Frederick Farm Fresh: Senior Appreciation Day this Saturday, August 15th

It is the peak of summer and the produce is in full swing! The market is filled with fresh corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, squashes, peppers, potatoes, okra, garlic, onions, water melon, cantaloupes and peaches just to name a few. While shopping for your veggies, grab a vibrant summer flower bouquet to decorate your home or bring to a friend! Add flavor and zest to any meal with a juicy steak, artisan goat cheese, fresh milk or off-the-oven baked goods! Come on out to the West Frederick Farmer's Market and join the summer feast.

** Senior Appreciation Day **

This Saturday (August 15th) we are honoring our senior citizens who support and shop at the local farmer's market. Participating vendors will have special deals for senior citizen: most of vendors will choose an item or a group of items and offer a special discount. Some of the vendors will even offer a discount on an entire purchase! At the entrances of the market, our volunteers will ask if you are a senior citizen and if so, will give you a stamp on your hand. Walk around the market, find the special deals and indulge yourself.

We thank you for your support and patronage for the farmer's market. Eat local, eat well, and see you soon.

Frederick Farm Fresh


Anonymous said...

Love your blog. I found it through the FredNet. I am curious regarding the lack of farm raised fish here in Frederick. With the increasing oil prices, pollution, and the fact that the "fresh" sign above a fish in grocery stores is actually a 2 month old fish transported from wherever to wherever, I would think that it is time for us to become more sustainable and local. Are there any farms or new farms thinking about raising fish for food?

Yeon said...

lachicdina: Thank you. Shannon does a wonderful job covering many topics. I try to focus on cooking with local food and back-yard gardening.

I was told that a trout fish farm in Frederick sells to public during a certain time of year, but was not able to find out the location. Hopefully someone with detailed knowledge will let us know. I once mentioned shrimp farm in Maryland:

You might already know, but for general readers, there are seafood watch program and sustainable seafood guides (such as this one: ) that we could use as reference.

Please let us know if you find out other sustainable fish farms in/ around Frederick.

smoo said...

My posts all connect back to local food somehow. I take a lot of country roads.

There are places you can buy sustainably harvested seafood and fish in Frederick. First of all, the Common Market. Secondly, a number of restaurants choose these very carefully. I know that Volt's three premises (local, sustainable, organic) are definitely applied to their choices of fish, because Yeon and I have discussed this with the chef.