Friday, August 21, 2009

Cakes for Cause: It's Really Hot This Week!

Wow, that’s not really a subject line but it’s really hot isn’t it? How about some ice cold lemonade to cool you down? Cakes for Cause shakes your lemonades by hand and they’re perfect with one of our yummy cookies or scones. This week, we’ll also have whole wheat and sourdough small loaves, focaccia, our ever-popular jalousie, and many more variations on deliciousness. Pull up one of our chairs at our farmer’s market lounge and sit for a moment. Enjoy yourself!

Downtown Frederick (Shab Row)
Thursdays 3-6 on East Street at Church Street

West Frederick
Saturdays 10-1 on Baughman’s Lane behind the Motel 6 on Route 40 in Frederick

As If You Need Coffee…
Did we mention that it’s hot this week? Anyhow, we do carry Dublin Roasters Coffee at both farmers’ markets and we can attest to the fact that these locally roasted beans are delicious as an iced coffee or a coffee smoothie if you’re so inclined.

Calling All Tourists…
You thought we forgot about our own contest didn’t you? It wouldn’t be entirely surprising what with our minds filled up with ovens, refrigerators and mixers in our new bakery/café but we actually didn’t forget our little traveling cookie tourists. So, if you have pictures you took on vacation, we’ll give you until August 31st to get them to us to be judged by an impartial panel and chosen as our winner (fabulous prizes people!). You can email your photos (no bribes please) to, and you may enter more than one photograph from your cookie’s travels.

Speaking of the Café…
Many of you ask when we’ll open and we think it’s pretty close at this point. Once the building is finished and ready for occupancy, we hope to be open for business approximately 4-5 weeks after that. We’ll be needing helpers with a variety of things during those weeks (assembling chairs and tables, painting, unpacking dishes very carefully) and continuing at the farmers markets so if you’re up for it, let us know. Once we’re open, we’ll still want to see you so make sure you make time in your day to join us for breakfast, lunch or dessert!

Cakes for Cause

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