Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Next Top Chef

Who will be the next Top Chef? Let's hope it's local food lover and friend of the blog and of the West Frederick Farmer's Market Bryan Voltaggio. Yeon and I did an interview with Bryan back in April and he shared with us his inspiration for cooking with local, sustainable and organic ingredients. (Picture is from Bravo). I love to visit Volt and try the seasonal dishes. Bryan likes to credit the farmers when the ingredients in his dishes are particularly awesome (Nancy's young eggplant, for example) and he makes a concerted effort to support local agriculture in his offerings. Bryan is also the chef who has done all of the Chef's Challenges at the Farmer's Market- they have been a big hit.

The season opener for Top Chef plays tonight at 9PM on Bravo (Channel 273 on DirectTV or Channel 41 on cable in Frederick). Good luck to Bryan and congrats to our friends at Volt.
Bryan will also be competing against his brother Michael. Both chefs are from Walkersville and went to TJ High School.


Yeon said...

Since we got rid of Direct TV last year, I never missed it... till now! Hopefully the episode will be up in Itunes or Hulu tv tomorrow. Best of luck to Chef Bryan!!

smoo said...

Our buddy did well last night!

smoo said...

By the way I DVRed it if you can't find it.