Friday, August 14, 2009

Cakes for Cause: Did You Miss Us?

We’re tired of paperwork and want to spend some quality time with some cookies so hit us at the Farmer’s markets for some treats this week. We’ve got some yummy looking whole-wheat sandwich bread and sourdough, as well as delicious sweet stuff for you to nibble on.

West Frederick Farmer’s Market
Saturdays 10-1 on Baughman’s Lane behind the Motel 6 on Route 40 in Frederick

It’s Not You…It’s Us
If you went to the Middletown Market yesterday, you know that it was our last week there and if you went to Shab Row, you were probably surprised to see us. We’ve had to make a very tough decision and give up our market booth in Middletown. Our customers there are amazing and very supportive, but there just aren’t enough of them. As you know, all proceeds from the sales of our baked goods go to support our non-profit mission to provide vocational training for at-risk youth. It’s taken a tremendous amount of time and resources to support this market on a weekly basis so after a lot of thought, we decided that we needed to focus our efforts in other directions. Strangely, right after we made that decision, we were invited to participate in the Thursday market at Shab Row so we’ll be there until the end of the season. Thank you to everyone in Middletown for making Thursdays such an awesome market venue…we’ll miss you.

Volunteer Opportunities
We still need volunteers to help us finish the season in Frederick. If you’d like to help, you can link to our volunteer calendar. Our Saturday volunteers generously give up their mornings to sell lemonade and scones with us. It’s a great excuse for you to go to the farmer’s market and get the best of local produce and products.

Shout Out to Senior
This week is senior citizen appreciation week at the West Frederick Market so we are offering half price cookies (while they last) to senior citizens. Now, just so we don’t get slapped upside the head for being sassy, we’re going to count on you to let us know if you qualify for this discount…to us, you all look like you’re twenty years old!

Pull Up a Chair
If you’ve put your noseprints on our windows at 629 North Market Street, you can see the progress we’re making. Once we have keys in our hot little hands, we move in and assemble furniture and then not long after that, you can get Cakes for Cause every day except Mondays. Why not enjoy our social enterprise, Moxie Bakery & Café, knowing that you have a little piece of history? By sponsoring a chair or table in the café, you help us support at-risk youth in the Frederick community and ensure that everyone has a seat at the table. They’re going fast so let us know if we can reserve one for you…each chair includes a plaque with your name or your organization’s name and a quote about what it means to have moxie…and we know you’ve got it!

Cakes for Cause

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