Monday, August 10, 2009

More 60s recipe cards

Our friend April, who writes 1000 pizza doughs, has a nice post up about a local food day that involved visiting the Urbana farmer's market and making a gorgeous galette, among other things. She has continued with the 60s recipe card theme. I could really eat this galette.



Kelly said...

Hey Shannon!

My name is Kelly, I am the baker behind Loveydoodles at the Urbana Farmers Market. I saw your comment on April's blog (she sent me the link) about the snickerdoodles. If you ever stop by the market, introduce yourself and maybe there will be a snickerdoodle in your future!


smoo said...

Hi Kelly! I have been thinking it would be fun to visit some of the other farmer's markets so I will definitely stop by! Thanks for introducing yourself! If you ever have anything about your market items you would like us to post, let me know.

Kelly said...

Great, thanks so much! I'm going to try to put out a newsletter each week before the market if you'd like me to add you to the list (and that goes out to everyone else who reads your blog & comments!)

smoo said...

Kelly, you can email me at smoo87 at gmail dot com and I will post for you!