Friday, May 1, 2009

Cheese: What I Look Forward to at the Farmer's Market.

The farmer's market opens tomorrow, that is if I can finish this post before midnight in about 15 minutes. Otherwise, I will have to say, the farmer's market opens today! The market opening is about 10 hours away.
I would like to say 'cheeeese' for the market. Alison of CapriKorn Farms brings us delightful goat cheeses. If you have not tried yet, I recommend their soft goat cheese, chevre. It is delicious and goes with virtually everything. Shannon wrote about eating with strawberry, and I have a photo of little toasted bread with chevre and salmon on it. In the summer I made stuffed squash blossom filled with chevre too.

Randy of South Mountain Creamery brings us milk, yogurt, cream, butter, and assortment of cheeses. They use glass bottles for their milk and yogurt. I have yet to try their flavored milk and yogurt - my friends love those. I don't know how many times Randy climbs up and down to get milk and yogurt from the refrigerated truck out to customers.

Our farmer's market might not be big, compared to those found in metro areas. But we have an amazing diversity for the size of the market. Let us cherish what we have.

See you very soon at the market.

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smoo said...

CapriKorn was not at the market today, but Danny Rohrer was carrying their cheese.