Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hie on up to Mountaindale for some BBQ

Today's Frederick News-Post covers the barbecue at Mountaindale General Store. According to the article by Karen LaRocca: the new owner of the General Store, Marie Kuhn, purchased the barbecue recipe from the original owners and uses fresh (never frozen) local meats from Shuff's Meat Market in Thurmont. Might I also add that the sweet potato fries are hand-cut, and that the mashed potatoes are homemade? Here's my favorite clip from the article:

Kuhn, who has lived in Frederick County all her life, spent some time in Arizona studying to be a chef.

She buys local produce from area farmer's markets to use at Mountaindale General Store, which she wants to transition into more of a deli than a store.

"I want local people in here," she said. "I want community."
The whole community is supported, if you think about it. The farmer buys products from local stores for the farm, then is supported by the local meat market that buys their meat; the meat market is supported by the restaurant that buys the meat; the restaurants are supported by the customers that buy the barbecue sandwich, and the customer is supported by having a great place to hang out and eat outstanding local food. It's also exciting to see chefs with local origins that understand the importance of supporting local agriculture (and of course the taste of farm fresh food). You can read our interviews with Executive Chef James Johns of Isabella's and Chef/Owner Bryan Voltaggio of Volt to see this in practice.

I personally can not wait to try this place out.

Photo by Travis Pratt, FNP. I read about this first on Frederick Maryland Online.



Tim said...

If the barbecue is as good as Doug's it should be great! I can't wait to get up to try it. Thanks!

smoo said...

Tim, if you try it, tell us if it compares! My friend Jen told me last night that Doug also used to make amazing fajitas. Sounds like a cool place.

Steve said...

The BBQ is just as good as when Doug ran the place. Plus Marie is a lot better looking. ;?)