Friday, May 29, 2009

Farmar posters are finito!

Yeon and Dan stopped by this evening to help me make posters and I had fallen asleep! Good thing they came by- they helped me get the posters started and made a few with me before they headed out. I spent the rest of the evening making them and they turned out AWESOMELY. I did some in "diamond dust" which is technically glitter but don't tell anyone.

I am pooped! And my house is covered with prints and glitter. But I am happy. Stop by the market on Saturday and check the posters out- and of course, come for the Strawberry Festival!



Yeon said...

They look awesome! I can't wait to see the one with tiny glitters on!
I am sorry we couldn't stay long. Both Dan and I got up really early yesterday and had an extra long day. Hope you got good rest!

Chelsea said...

Wow - those are cool. I have a weakness for hand-printed anything... Any way I could snag one if there are any leftovers or seconds?

smoo said...

Hey as it turns out, the long nap may be due to Lyme disease. I went to the doctor this morning and she thinks I may have it, so she is tarting me on antibiotics.

Thanks ladies! Chelsea- I will totally hold on to one for you. Glitter or no glitter?

Chelsea said...

Gosh - that stinks; I hope it turns out not to be Lyme disease. Good that your doctor is on the ball with that, though.

I'd take any poster you have left - no glitter preference ;)

Thank you!

Anyone going to the Everedy market this Thursday? That's the opening, right?

smoo said...

Yes that is the opening- we should make a note of it.

Yeah it might not be Lyme but it has all of the earmarks: found tick, incredible fatigue, muscle and joint ache. Either way I have to take the whole series of antibiotics because I might have Lyme even if it does not show up in the titer. I am feeling less tired though but sick to my tummy from the antibiotics. I pretend it's a challenge with some reward at the end- if I get through the day without crumpling then I am a champ! I am strong! But it still sucks.