Sunday, May 3, 2009

Flowers for the market: May 2, 09

Photo by Dan
I am bringing flowers for the Cakes for Cause booth at the West Frederick Farmer's market this year again. I had beautiful spring bulb flowers throughout April, and just in time for the farmer's market opening, all those flowers faded away. What was I to do?
Shannon came on a rescue. She brought me a beautiful flowering branch of pink dogwood, big satiny tulip blossoms, and a stem of huge columbine flower and a stem of bleeding heart. I had some Tiarella and Jacob's ladder blooming. I also added flower/fruit branches of my strawberry and some native clematis vines.
Rick of Summer Creek Farm had two bucket full of lilac branches. I didn't make it to his booth in time to buy some. I also noticed that some of the bearded irises in my neighborhood started to bloom this week. Something to note for the next year.


smoo said...

What a pretty silhouette!

Yeon said...

Shannon, thank you for the flowers. They greeted my house guests with their loveliness and has brighten my days.