Tuesday, May 5, 2009

From the Farmer's Market on May 2

I was so excited for the entire time at the market that I got exhausted and hungry by the time I was done. As soon as I started taking photos at the market, I realized that I didn't charge the battery for my camera. I am glad that Shannon took lots of pictures at the market to share with you. Instead of a market scene, let me post some photos of goodies that I got from the market.

Photo by Dan
Pretty rosette of red lettuce in the blue bowl and the stout asparagus bunch are from Rich (Scenic View Orchards). Thin, long asparagus bunch is from Rick (Summer Creek Farm). Pretty purple spring onions are from Jim (Tomatoes et al.), and the yummy greens in the clear bag are from Rieko and Erland (New Hope Farm).

Photo by Dan
I got two packages of bacon and sage sausage from Danny (Rohrer's meats etc.), rainbow eggs from Nancy and Dave (Chesapeake's Choice), and a bottle of mocha milk from Karen (South Mountain Creamery).

Photo by Dan
Winter savory is from Wendy (Persimmon Pond Plants), and french lavender and lemon verbena are from Mellisa (So Very Special). I also bought a bag of organic premium potting soil and McGeary's organic fertilizer from Rick (Summer Creek Farm).

All right. What did I miss at the market? Beth sold out her brownies very quickly - I urged her to bring more of her baked goods next week. I didn't even see the rhubarb but the rumor has that Rich had rhubarb at his stand for a very brief time. The plants at Thistle Rock Nursery disappeared at the speed of light. Sarah (M & W Nursery) didn't have much either by the time I made it to her booth. Talking about sell-outs, Cakes for Cause sold out pretty much everything except a few crackers. Wow. What a start for the market.

My forecast for the market was pretty good except a few. Jubilee Organic Farm and CapriKorn Farms stands were not there - I hope to see them very soon at the market. BB's bagels and bread was not there either. They tend to skip the market if it is wet outside. I was told that rain/moisture ruins the bagels. Rich didn't have any cold storage apples.

The variety of plants that offered at the market was much greater than I remembered! Do you know how many kinds of herb plants that Nancy and Dave brought? My count is 40. They had 9 different varieties of basil plants. I grew 10 different basils once. If you want to challenge my record, stop by Dave and Nancy's stand. Jim had a wide variety of culinary herb and vegetable plants. I love the fact that he gives you cooking tips on herbs and vegetables. Wendy always has something unusual and attractive. Melissa had 4 or 5 different varieties of lavender. Thistle Rock Nursery and M &W Nursery stands were just gorgeous. This Saturday, I am going shop first, talk later. I love the farmer's market.



Yeon said...

Yay! I heart the new banner and new colors!

smoo said...

Hooray! Hey, if you have rhubarb left over, my neighbor would like some. Also- Chris Hilliard has challenged me to a pie-off!

smoo said...

By the way-love the post! You are so conscientious remembering everyone's names and products.