Friday, May 1, 2009

Cake Walkin’…

Ok, so we got a call from a born and raised Indiana boy and were informed that there are absolutely no chairs in a Cake Walk (apparently there is a broom and a broom master but we’ll leave that for the moment).  Whatever methodology we finally decide on, Cakes for Cause and the Downtown Frederick Partnership are hosting a Cake Walk on Saturday May 2nd at the Carroll Creek Trellis from 3:00-4:00 pm.  We promise there will be some kind of walking and some kind of winning (of a cupcake) but that’s about all we can promise at this time.

A Different Kind of Promise…
Saturday May 2nd is the first West Frederick Farmer’s Market and whether we see rain or sunshine, Cakes for Cause is donating 5% of our total sales to Heartly House ( to support programs that support families that experience domestic violence.  We have an anonymous donor that has agreed to match any amount that we raise so come on out and sample delicious baked goods, made from scratch with real butter and sugar, and help two local non-profits that serve Frederick.  Thank you.

Let’s Talk Farmer’s Market…
Perhaps it’s just easier to list some of the items that you may see this Saturday…lemon blossom tarts, toffee cakes, cheddar chive scones, fresh pretzels, rosemary butter biscuits, croissants, sesame semolina bread, rosemary sage crackers…are you hungry yet?...braided challah, herb focaccia, lemon ginger scones, chocolate mocha cookies, hot coffee, cinnamon buns, lemonade (classic and strawberry)…‘nuff said.  We look forward to seeing you at Baughman’s Lane from 10:00-1:00 pm this Saturday May 2nd.

Swag Alert!
New t-shirts on Saturday…baseball shirts with red sleeves…you’ll love them.

Cake Off…Last Chance
Here’s your chance to start your child off down the road to riches in the culinary industry…the cake baking contest.  Heineman Myers Art Gallery in Bethesda ( is hosting a “Cake Off” on Sunday May 3rd and there's still a little bit of time to fill out the entry form and join us.

Thanks For Reading Our Emails…
We’re a glass half full kind of crowd here at Cakes for Cause so it warms our hearts when no less than 5 people contact us within 10 minutes of sending out our email last week to let us know that we had a typo…it proves to us that you read it all the way to the end and for that we are grateful.

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