Friday, May 22, 2009

Flowers for the market: May 16, 09

Globe master blooms are giant, purple, perfect spheres. I don't think they need other supporting flowers to look pretty. However, I had over-wintered Russian Kale growing and flowering right next to them, matching up the globe masters in height while contrasting nicely with its yellow flowers. So I put them together in a vase. I also had a few peony stems from my garden and Shelton's garden and added them to the arrangement. Lovely.

At the farmer's market, I happened to hang out at the back of Cakes for Cause booth with Audrey and Marvin when Diane stopped by and bought the flowers. I was excited! She wanted to buy fresh cut flowers at the farmer's market but last week we didn't have any vendors carrying cut flowers. She saw the arrangement at the Cakes for Cause booth, asked if she could buy it, and Elin sold the flowers. The money from the flowers went to Cakes for Cause as a donation. I felt proud (yay, they are flowers from my garden!), worried (those kale flowers are not really meant for a flower arrangement, they shed petals a lot), and overall very happy. I hope to hear back from Diane how her friend liked the flowers locally grown from neighbor's back yard. Hope her friend didn't get too annoyed with the kale flowers.

This week peony, iris, rose and clematis are blooming everywhere. I envy my neighbors who have gorgeous rose bush and/or big iris bed blooming profusely. I want to start a rose garden and a decent iris bed soon! My peony plant is doing excellent this year though filling up the void from the lack of rose bushes. I plan to make a huge bouquet of peony flowers tomorrow for the market with peony flowers from my garden and friends' gardens.

Last year Jubilee organic farm brought cut stems of peony flowers in buckets. If you are looking for fresh cut flowers at the market, your wish might be granted tomorrow.


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