Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Spring Harvest: May 24, 09

Spinach was getting ready to bloom so I harvested most of them. Same with the daikon- I never had a good luck growing a big daikon root. I should try sowing in last summer and growing in the fall. My mesclun is growing wild and you see big leaves of red mustard, kale, etc. Lettuce is finally ready for picking and munching. They are so tender and delicate. Dill and cilantro are growing crazy too (not shown in the photo). I harvested big bunches and gave some to my neighbors. I should find some good recipes that call for a large quantity of dill and cilantro. If you know one, please let me know!

Strawberries are in full swing. I am harvesting about a pint a day. Nothing is as sweet as the ripe strawberry you just picked seconds ago in the garden. I like them warm from the sun. Just like warm tomatoes off the vine, they carry extra quality in them.
My neighbor Ricardo told me that Glade-Link farm is now open for pick-your-own strawberries. Give them a call before you head out. Sometimes they have to skip a day so that berries can ripen for picking. Also, don't forget this Saturday (May 30) we have a strawberry festival at the West Frederick Farmer's Market! With music and raffle and strawberries everywhere, it is going to be a fun time at the market.



smoo said...

Wow. What a great harvest!

Chelsea said...

Looks good!

Might I suggest a Thai-style green curry to use up some of that cilantro? Pureed with some green chilis, lime, sugar, fish sauce, I bet it would be delicious. As for the dill - maybe a cucumber salad? I always add it to chicken soup too... Mmmmmmm...

smoo said...

Might I suggest I would love to eat that, Yeon?

Yeon said...

Chelsea: excellent suggestions! I have been making Thai-style green curry using Jamie Oliver's recipe, which uses good amount of basil and cilantro. Since my basil plants are very young, I could try using mostly cilantro. Cucumbers are not in season yet, so I would need to wait to make cucumber salad. I love cucumber + yogurt + dill combo though! I am thinking about getting a salmon and curing it - We can use a couple cups of dill easily that way.

Smoo: another excellent suggestion! you know I would love to have you as a guest at any time.