Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Farmer's Market Pizza

My friend Jen Willoughby made this awesome pizza with items from the farmer's market and shared the picture with me, along with this text: "yum! Danny Rohrer's sausage, Caprikorn Farms Italian goat cheese, bell pepper from an undisclosed location, spaghetti sauce from the fridge, and sourdough from Jen's own stash!" I think I got the bum end of the deal.

She also sent me this article about a woman in Germany who was hit by a customer at a farmer's market over the price of white asparagus. Jen wrote: "Check this out! Hope no one here does this!" No, here in America we only fight over stuff in stores at Christmastime. And maybe over Farmer's Market Pizza.

I'm going camping this weekend so I won't be posting much!


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