Friday, May 1, 2009

West Frederick Farmer's Market in the Gazette!

Check out this article in the Frederick Gazette about the West Frederick Farmer's Market and other local markets and their impact on the local economy. I was excited because the writer, Katherine Mullen, brought up some key points:
  • Times and locations of local farmer's markets
  • "the total combined economic impact of farmers markets to the county is $2.7 million."
  • Local restaurants are making an effort to use farm-fresh products
  • There are great products at the markets early in the season
  • The West Frederick Farmer's Market starts tomorrow!!!!
  • We are planning festivals at the West Frederick Farmer's Market for May 30 and July 11.

This blog was mentioned, as was the good work of Colby Ferguson and the Office of Economic Development. Mullen also interviewed "Dave Snyder, owner of Café Nola in downtown Frederick, [who] said he buys items such as heirloom tomatoes, basil, yellow cauliflower and purple peppers weekly at the West Frederick and Shab Row & Everedy Square farmers markets to supplement his restaurant's dinner specials." Of course this means that we will have to add Nola to our interviews at some point.

Here is the part of the article that relates to our blog:

The appeal of the farmers market is simple, said Shannon Moore, a volunteer on the marketing committee for the West Frederick Farmers Market.

"When people know that it's there, they love it and come back," she said.

Moore also writes for the blog, "Grown In Frederick," where she posts e-mails from local farmers about what's in season, gives tips on backyard gardening, recipes and
lists of farms to visit.

"What we try to do is connect people to Frederick agriculture through experience," she said.

Moore also emphasizes the West Frederick Farmers Market by posting the market's general information and a list of its vendors.

She said that the committee is planning festivals at the West Frederick Farmers Market on May 30 and July 11 to promote farmers markets.

Though farmers markets generally start off slow and don't pick up until July when people come in droves, there is still plenty to find this weekend, Moore noted.

"There's a lot of products early in the season that people love, like strawberries and asparagus," she added.

OK I want Dan and Yeon to know that I specifically mentioned them and spelled their names. And I want all of you to know to expect strawberries later in the season. Don't be mad when you don't see them this weekend!

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