Friday, May 22, 2009

Chocolate Truffles: What I look forward to at the Farmer's Market

Photo provided by Tim Miller
One of the many great things about the West Frederick Farmer's Market is that there are artisan food and craft vendors. I am excited to hear that Tim Miller of Imperial Chocolate Company will be returning to the farmer's market tomorrow. Dan and I love his truffles. We pick one flavor and buy one truffle a week and then split the truffle after a dinner. One time, I had one truffle (I think it was Dark Raspberry truffle) and we happened to have dinner guests, so I split the truffle into quarters and we ate the truffle as a dessert. I know - I should start buying more than one a week. But you know what? When you have a tiny amount of really great stuff, you appreciate it even more. Below is the message from Tim:

May's flavors will be dark (58.5% cacao) and milk/strawberry (41% cacao). I'll be trying new flavors this summer such as dark/chipotle chili, white chocolate, and a new combo I call triple treat which is a half/half white and milk chocolate ganache enrobed in dark chocolate.

Give his truffles a try if you haven't done so. You might be joining me in a weekly tasting club.


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