Monday, June 8, 2009

Peas, beets, carrots, and rapini

I planted my peas, beets and carrots in mid-March and they are going like gangbusters now. Today I sauteed a quart of peas (three different kinds) with sesame oil and tamari (soy sauce) along with some slivered almonds and had them for dinner. I also roasted some beets and carrots in the oven with salt and oil (early for them, but they are about ready) and sauteed some beet greens and rapini with paprika, salt, oil and water (the rapini, or broccoli raab, was from Chesapeake's Choice.) By the time I finished the quart of peas, I was full, so it looks like I have some delicious leftovers for tomorrow.

Notice the weird colors of the heirloom beets and carrots. I like weird colors. The oxblood-colored carrot is orange on the inside. My neighbor told me a story recently about how orange carrots used to be rare; I'll have to look that up.
A note on beet greens; they are delicious and taste a little like chard or a slightly salty spinach. If you grow beets, please try them because they are a real treat.

By the way, Yeon has not been posting much recently because she has been under the weather. Why not drop her a note to cheer her up?


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