Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Flowers for the market: May 30, 09

Photo by Dan
I was wondering what I should do for the week's flower arrangement. I wanted to follow strawberry theme for our first Strawberry Festival event, but had no flowers in strawberry color in my garden. But then I came up with the idea that I could use the actual strawberries!! Luckily I had a green pot that I planted extra strawberry plants and the fruits were ripening with irresistible sweet smell. In the pot, I added young basil, oregano, and sedum seedlings that I started this spring and viola! it was done. I am very pleased with the way it came out. All the strawberries are gone now, but the plants are still growing in the same planter.

It was a bit breezy on that day so I had to borrow the planter from Cakes for Cause booth to a table we set up for "Passport to Freshness" raffle table. If you missed the event, this is how the raffle went. We gave out a vendor map to all the shoppers. Whenever a shopper bought item(s) from a booth, vendors either placed a sticker or initialed under their booth names. You had to collect at least one sticker/initial from each zone to qualify for grand-prize drawing. The following week on June 6, we drew a grand-prize winner and a second-prize winner. There was also a special prize called "Most Stickers Award" which we had tied winners. I am planning to post a photo of prizes that we gave away. All the vendors at the market contributed for the prizes and they looked awesome!

In this week, cosmos started to bloom heavily and lavender started to bloom. At the market, I bought a gorgeous hydrangea plant (mophead type, pink blossom) from Wendy. One can't have too many hydrangeas.


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