Monday, June 29, 2009

Flowers for the market: June 27, 09

Cosmos, sweet pea and pink snap dragon flowers from my garden. Airy coral bells are from Jen's garden.

Sweet peas smell so heavenly and I love all the colors that I got this year. Next year, I might skip sugar snap peas (for food) and instead use all the supports to grow sweet pea flowers. I can always buy fresh peas from the farmer's market but I haven't seen a place selling fresh-cut sweet pea flowers. With a limited garden space, I might as well grow something that I love and hard to find.
Even though sweet peas are excellent cut flowers, the vase life of sweet pea seems to be rather short. If cut at full bloom, they last only a a couple of days. I should try cutting the stems with buds and see how they go.

I notice bee balms, purple cone flower, coreopsis blooming this week. My balloon flower (platycodon) started to bloom and liatris (blazing start) is geting ready to burst out. And yes, sunflowers are opening up in their glory.


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Chelsea said...

Love this one!