Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bad Weather News from Farmer Rick

The last few days the farm has experienced terrible storms. Yesterday we had hail hit the farm the size of nickels. It hit for several minutes. This caused a great deal of damage to the strawberries. We tossed many of them today due to bruising from the hail. It also will have detrimental effects on our other fruit coming this summer. The hail nicks the fruit when green and it ripens with bruises. It looks like the hail effected the Asian Pears pretty bad. Some damage was seen on the Raspberries. The total effects of this damage will take time to show. We also have some plants cut by hail. Some just planted peppers were affected.

This is part of farming, in just a few minutes thousands of dollars of damage could take place. I will keep you up to date as we move later into the season as to the total effects of this damage. It will be a shame if we do not have Asian pears since they are very popular every year.

Farmer Rick

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