Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Goat Cow Cheese Story

Here is the story as written by the folks at Caprikorn Farms:
Last Fall Scott put a supposedly sterile buck in with the milking does " he would be happy before we sent him to the auction." Well it turned out he was not sterile and he bred a large number of the does (eventually resulting in a "baby blizzard"). Since we do not milk does in late pregnancy, this meant we did not have enough milk to make cheese in January and February. Ever resourceful, we got some hormone free cow milk from a licensed raw milk dairy and made a goat/cow cheddar.

The goat/cow cheddar melts like a goat cheese. We classify this cheese as a semi-soft cheese (our regular goat cheddar is classified as a semi-hard cheese). Since it is made with winter milk, this cheese is soooo rich it is almost buttery in flavor.

Enjoy this "one time" special cheese.

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