Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Blueberry muffins going fast

I was pretty excited to get a pint of blueberries at the Glade Link Farm stand at the farmer's market this past weekend. Then I put them in the back of my car and they got a bit smooshed, and then I refrigerated them to save them until I could cook with them. Today I made blueberry muffins. I thought I would be clever and put yogurt milk in the recipe, but the muffins never rose much; however, they are moist and delicious. Stop by and get one. Yes there is one missing already. Hurry!

I recorded a "community connection" announcement with Chef Bryan Voltaggio of Volt Restaurant today at Key 103. This is different from the PSA I did myself. The previous one advertised the website along with all of the farmer's markets. Today's advertised the Summer Festival that will be on July 11. I wrote a corny script and Bryan was kind enough to read it with me. Thanks to Phil Briggs for recording the spot. Bryan and Phil also chatted afterwards about summer grilling tips. Bryan talked about good foods to go with barbecues.

Now there are two blueberry muffins missing.



Yeon said...

I want one!

I ate all the blueberries that I picked up at the market. Poor Dan came home and found an empty bag... We need to go blueberry picking lady! Otherwise there is no chance that I will have enough blueberries to go around.

smoo said...

I saved you some :)

Chelsea said...

Oh, yes! That first pint (or quart...) of blueberries is so exciting to find! I'm going picking tomorrow in my neck of the woods - do you two go to Gladelink?