Friday, June 12, 2009

Life is berry berry good!

Dan and I went strawberry picking on last Sunday at Glade-Link Farm. We gave some of picked strawberries to our friends, cleaned and froze some, of course ate some fresh, and reserved some for baking. I made this galette using the fresh strawberries from this year, and frozen blueberries picked from Glade-Link farm last year.
Our raspberry patch is doing great this year. We had to move the plants the first year and obviously they were not happy getting moved in the middle of summer and then staying in pots for the rest of the season. Last year was the first full year they stayed in the ground and they did okay. This year they just took off and developed a nice looking patch along the side of the fence. Our cat, Remy, loves to run to the raspberry patch and hide behind the bush. I don't know if it is because our cat is guarding the berries or not, but we started to harvest our raspberries this week without losing much to the birds.

We are approaching the end of strawberry season but we will have raspberry and blueberry at the market, very soon.


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smoo said...

I love these pictures. The berry galette is exquisite looking.