Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Everedy market opens Thurs, Chef's Challenge Sat...

Hey, the Everedy Square Farmer's Market opens Thursday and is 3-6PM (and will run until October). This is a nice little market on East Street across from the coffee roasting place and I suggest you check it out. Great for your Friday night feast!

Don't miss this Saturday at the West Frederick Farmer's Market!!! At 10AM, Chef Bryan Voltaggio of Volt is going to take the Chef's Challenge. He has to go to different stands at the market and find things to cook in a demonstration for all of us. We are going to have him on a PA system so expect a lot of bad MacGyver/ Iron Chef type moments. I can not wait for this. We'll also be raffling off the Cakes for Cause Bag full of Farmer's Market goodies and a few other cool items.

Our Farmer's Market Festival last week was awesome. It was our first one, so we learned a few things. Like bring the band closer and make it easier for people to figure out where to drop their passports. As promised, we had loads of strawberries. It's amazing but all of the strawberries at the different stands tasted different. I should know; I tried three different kinds.

I started antibiotics for Lyme Disease last Friday so I am a little pooped; hence the light posting. I am starting to feel better and will be back to normal posting soon enough. On a happy personal note the peas are coming in in my garden. It's the little things.



gumby_1989 said...

Hope you got a 30 day course of antibiotics and not just 2 weeks. A friend of mine got Lyme an only got 2 weeks of drugs and now has been sick for ~2 years.

smoo said...

I got a 21 day course. I will definitely keep that in mind!!!