Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cakes for Cause: What’s Better on a Rainy Thursday?

Cakes for Cause that’s what! We’ll be at the Shab Row market today and there’s some special treats in store for everyone. We’ve heard a rumor of some craft activities where kids can make animals out of we don’t really know what that’s going to be like but it sure sounds interesting! Come out and join us today or on Saturday at the West Frederick Farmers’ Market for the best in seasonal produce and plants, delicious baked goods, hot coffee and cold tea. Cakes for Cause can sweeten the deal even further and offer you the opportunity to volunteer at our booth in Frederick or at Shab Row. You’ll get to choose a pastry for your very own and learn how to shake the perfect lemonade…it’s not an opportunity to miss!

Downtown Frederick (Shab Row)
Thursdays 3-6 on East Street at Church Street

West Frederick
Saturdays 10-1 on Baughman’s Lane behind the Quality Inn on Route 40 in Frederick

Yes, you heard that right, we’re getting keys this week and we’re moving tons of furniture and fixtures into Moxie Bakery & Café, the home of our social enterprise classroom. We have to assemble chairs, unpack china, and generally find a home for all the cool stuff we’ve collected over the past year. Your mission…if you choose to accept it…is to be a part of the excitement for just a few short hours on Saturday or Sunday. We’re trying to keep things manageable and we’ve only got 10 slots on each day so if you’re really excited you can sign up to volunteer for both days but save some room for others. We’ll feed you beverages and lunch and you can be the first people to see the space as it comes together. Thanks for your help.

We Never Like To Do This, But…
We like to remind you every once in a while that Cakes for Cause is a non-profit and there are several ways you can support us. We’ve been waiting for a year and a half for our café to open and serve its purpose, not only as a training program for youth, but also as a source of revenue that supports the mission of our organization. We’re pretty conservative with our cash and we’ve gotten a lot of bang for our buck so far but there’s lots of little bits of equipment and supplies that we will be providing to the youth in our program and you can help with that…by visiting us at one of the farmers’ markets and purchasing our products (hopefully you think they’re delicious), by sponsoring a chair in our café, or by making a direct tax-deductible donation to our organization. We’re in the final stretch right now and we wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for people like you…so thank you for everything.

Twitter Alert
Did you know that Cakes for Cause is on Twitter and Facebook? We just realized that people actually responded to us on Twitter so it’s probably going to be a lot more useful to us in the future!-)

Cakes for Cause

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