Monday, September 7, 2009

Inspired by Sweet Onions

Will of Whitmore farm brought delicious white sweet onions at the downtown farmer's market. I bought them the other day and made these little tarts. The recipe was from Tarts: Sweet and Savory by Maxine Clark and I modified a bit (less chopped rosemary. Also need to cut down butter for cooking onions next time).
It requires several steps to make these tarts - you need to make the crust and blind bake, cook the onion for one to two hours, cook garlic in oil and make the cream filling (steeping some rosemary). Beautiful Saturday mornings usually work for me to get in the mood for making tarts. If it was rainy, I would probably have made onion soups instead.
I also made onion marmalade following a recipe from Preserving by Oded Schwartz. This goes very well with lamb dishes. We served the onion marmalade with lamb kebabs at a gathering this weekend.
I have been making pickles, jams, sauces and even grape juice. Feeling a bit tired of canning, but I am sure I will be thanking myself in the coming months.


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smoo said...

These look so delicious!